Things To Do In Minneapolis With Kids
Dec 09, 2022 By Sean William

We were blown away by all of the excellent museums and the wonderful opportunities for outdoor recreation that they offered. There were a lot of fun activities for families to do in Minneapolis, and the following is a selection of our favourites from the city.

The Escape Game

Be sure to check out "The Escape Game" if you and your loved ones are seeking an original and entertaining indoor game that can be done together. We weren't sure whether it would be kid-friendly, but we were pleasantly surprised to find out it was. You have one hour to find out how to escape the room that you have been locked in and placed in. Don't worry. The person in charge of the game is available to assist you.

A Museum Located In Mill City

If you are interested in the history of Minneapolis and how it came to be a city, this is an excellent location to visit. Its location is directly on the banks of the Mississippi River. In addition, there are many fun hands-on activities for the children to participate in, such as trying different kinds of bread.

Science Museum Of Minnesota

Although it is located in Saint Paul, the trip there is well worth the effort. There are four interactive fun levels for you and the children to enjoy. You could spend all day touring the museum since each group has something unique to offer, and there are several levels.

Mall Of America (In Full)

A great vacation spot for families that is much more than a shopping centre. There is an indoor amusement park, eateries, the Crayola Experience, and Fly Over America, among other things. On your journey to Minneapolis, you should swing by here.

Theater Group

It was the first time we'd ever taken the kids to see a play, and we couldn't have made a better selection! The Children's Theatre Company is well-known throughout the country, and it was easy for us to see why. The show encouraged audience participation and was pitched at an appropriate level for children of all ages.

St. Anthony Falls and Stone Arch Bridge

A stunning location in which one may enjoy a stroll out over the lake to see the waterfall, which plays an important role in the history of Minneapolis. In addition, you may visit the Mill City Museum from this vantage point. Learn about and investigate all that St.

Minnesota Zoo

If your children are interested in zoos, you won't miss the opportunity to visit the Minnesota Zoo. Also, make it a point to check out the concerts and events they have going on throughout the different seasons. A trip to the zoo is certain to be a fun outing for the whole family.

Minnesota Children's Museum

You know visiting a children's museum is necessary if you have young children. This one is quite nice, and it has a section on the various state ecosystems and a park on the roof.

SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium

The 300-foot ocean tunnel will be a hit with children, where visitors may witness sharks, jellyfish, sea turtles, and more.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Because it is free and takes place outdoors, it is suitable for all family members. Come over to stretch your legs and look at the wonderful sculptures.

Museum of Arts and Design of Minneapolis

A visit to an art gallery with your children may only sometimes be the greatest idea. However, combined with Family Day at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, this makes for an excellent combo! At their art centre, they provide fantastic programmes for artistic expression in the studio.

Water Park of the North Commons

Check out this outdoor waterpark featuring a three-story water slide and a splash pool if you're searching for something exciting to do during the summer months outside.


Minnesota is home to more than 10,000 lakes, and Minneapolis is home to its fair share of picturesque lakes and beach areas. One of our family's all-time favourite activities with our children is taking a boat out on the lake.

Minnehaha Park

The park is near the city and has a pleasant stage area and a café. You may go down to the river on foot and put your feet in the refreshing water there. The dip that Cannon took developed into a full-on swim. The fact that it took place in the centre of the city was one of the things that made it so awesome.

Bde Maka Ska Park

The biggest lake in Minneapolis and a component of the Chain of Lakes, this body of water was once known as Lake Calhoun. This location is home to several fantastic hiking and bike paths.

Lake Harriet

We went in to look, and now we regret not being prepared to remain for a longer period. We had heard wonderful things about the restaurant there, and we wished they had kayak and paddle board rentals so we could have spent some time on the lake.

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