Best of the World: 7 Family Vacation Destinations for 2023 and beyond
Mar 09, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Family vacations are always something to look forward to since they provide the opportunity to spend quality time with one another (which may be hard to come by when you have teenagers!) and to create memories that will last a lifetime by participating in exciting activities together. If you have not yet booked your next family vacation or villa break in 2023, take a read through our recommendations below of our finest holiday locations for families, and get the ball rolling on arranging your once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Despite Santorini's reputation as a honeymoon hotspot, the Greek island is also a wonderful place to take the whole family on vacation. If your family is looking for a destination where the kids can exercise, Santorini should be at the top of your list. Many businesses on the island provide boat excursions to the caldera, providing excellent swimming sites. History buffs will appreciate the fascinating tale of how a volcano formed this island. And those breathtaking vistas certainly don't hurt...

Africa, South

South Africa, one of Oliver's Trips' newest stops, will surely provide your children with memories they'll never forget. It is one of the few places on Earth where you can still view animals like elephants, giraffes, and lions in their natural habitat, making a safari an absolute must for every traveller to the nation. South Africa is an excellent destination for an adventurous family vacation because of the abundance of outdoor activities across the country, from mountains to plains. See the beautiful beaches and scenic Winelands of the Western Cape region near Cape Town. The people of South Africa are kind and welcoming.

Puglia, Italy

Go to the "heel of Italy" for a lively summer vacation that youngsters of all ages will enjoy. The traditional Trulli dwellings (depicted above) in this region of Italy will surely be a hit with kids because of their fantasy appearance. Scuba diving is popular in Puglia, so not only is it a terrific place for teenagers with a thirst for adventure, but they can also earn their certification card here. Spending July and August on vacation? Throughout the summer, the region of Puglia hosts several events that honour various facets of the country's extensive cultural heritage.


We know that you, like most of us, have the Maldives on your travel wish list, but did you know that it is also a fantastic place to take the kids? Water sports and other beach pursuits are the primary draws. Activities range from angling to dolphin-watching to swimming to snorkelling. Enjoy a movie at the seaside theatre or embark on a whale-watching submarine trip. What's even better? All of these activities are fun for adults as well as youngsters. Brittany, FranceThe ideal family vacation awaits you in France, and it doesn't matter which location you visit.

Kalkan, Turkey

Take your older kids or teenagers for a relaxing trek along the beautiful Lycian Way, which passes through Kalkan. Several historical sites in this part of Turkey may be explored on foot. Patara, a mystery Lycian city with Roman baths and a beautiful theatre, is also nearby and features stunning remains. After the hike has finally worn you out, you can unwind on one of Kalkan's beautiful beaches. Take a gulet cruise around the turquoise shoreline while you're there.

Bali, Indonesia

In the past few years, Bali has quickly risen to the top of our family's list of vacation places. There's a great variety of things to do, from relaxing on the beach to exploring the local culture at one of the many festivals that pop up every other week. The monsoon season (November through March) is what it seems like it is: a period of heavy rainfall. There is a wide variety of delicious, reasonably priced options. My son, who is ten years old, thinks Cuca, located not far from Jimbaran Beach, is the best restaurant in the world. Most Bali's fantastic hotels are also kid friendly. We have been in beachfront hotels, inland villas with views of verdant valleys, and even a property in the middle of a rice field. Fish feeding, anti-gravity yoga, rice planting, pottery making, and exploring the neighbourhood are just some of the hotel-arranged activities that our group enjoys. There's never a time when we're prepared to leave. Bali attracts more visitors every year, yet the island never seems overrun. Ubud has managed to keep its hip, creative atmosphere. To top it all off, the area is home to a monkey forest, and what youngster wouldn't love to hang out with a bunch of monkeys?

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