Ways to Use Less Plastic When You Travel
Nov 08, 2022 By Sean William

Even though air travel, in particular, is one of the forms of transportation that does the most damage to the environment, it is sometimes inevitable. Additionally, tourists may do their bit to lessen the amount of plastic they consume by bringing their reusable bags. A few crucial techniques and tactics make taking action quite simple. The following is a list of some of the greatest methods to travel using less plastic, as well as some of the best goods that will help you do so.

Utilize A Hand Sanitizer That Is Refillable

When you travel, you need to have hand sanitizer, but the little plastic bottles it comes in aren't the best for the environment. The refillable hand sanitizer kit from Noshinku consists of a big, eco-friendly bag of hand sanitizer and a tiny, refillable spray bottle certified by the TSA.

Use A Toothbrush Made Of Biodegradable Material

You may feel at peace when you brush your teeth, knowing that maintaining the brightness and cleanliness of your smile does not need you to harm the environment. Brushes made of bamboo are more durable and may be used longer than plastic alternatives. The Isshah four-pack of brushes may last you well for a whole calendar year.

Please Bring Your Silverware

Put away all those disposable plastic forks, knives, and spoons that came with your takeout order and bring along your reliable Boao Bamboo cutlery travel pack instead.

Save Space In Your Suitcase With Solid Shampoo

Solid shampoos from Ethique are a great option for those who wish to travel light without sacrificing their desire to help the environment. You may save space in your baggage by bringing this compact shampoo block rather than cumbersome plastic shampoo bottles.

Bring A Wash Bag That You Can Reuse

With this reusable laundry bag, you won't ever have to use a plastic bag for your soiled clothes again. When zipped closed, the Miami portable laundry bag is so small that it can be rolled up and stored in your carry-on luggage. When you are ready to load it with filthy clothing, unzip it and use the drawstring closure to add as many dirty clothes as will fit in the bag for a week's worth of dirty laundry.

Bring A Silicone Bottle Set For Toiletries

Put away all those teeny-tiny plastic travel bottles and replace them with these Teapile leakproof silicone bottles. They may be refilled with your preferred toiletries and packed in your bag. You may conserve room in your suitcase and avoid using little plastic bottles if you use reusable silicone containers instead of those bottles.

Stop Purchasing Water Bottles Made Of Plastic

This foldable, shatterproof, and leakproof reusable bottle can be folded up while not being used, allowing it to take up less space in your carry-on or bag while travelling. Refill it as often as possible to avoid purchasing water bottles made of plastic.

Avoid Using Straws Made Of Plastic

Thank goodness, it's becoming harder to find people walking about with straws made of plastic. Even though many restaurants and bars in sustainable destinations provide metal or paper straws (and you can always decline a plastic option), bringing your own is still a good idea, especially if you enjoy drinking out of a straw. This is especially true if you want to reduce your environmental impact.

Tab Instead Of The Tube When It Comes To Toothpaste

Put away your plastic tubes of toothpaste. You may want to try the Hello toothpaste tablets instead. They are little tablets of whitening toothpaste that accomplish everything that toothpaste does, such as removing stains, plaque, and tartar, in addition to whitening teeth and freshening breath.

Stay Away From Plastic Bags

A supplementary fee has been placed on using plastic bags at retail establishments in several states and even internationally. Some places have gone so far as to outlaw them completely. Be ready for anything by carrying your tote, which you may use as a camera bag, a bag to carry dirty laundry in, a piece of carry-on baggage, a diaper bag, or any other purpose you might need.

Skip The Face Wash And Use A Wipe Instead

They will exfoliate, moisturize, and clean your skin while you are on the go. You will experience increased revitalization after using these wipes, no matter where you are—on a plane, at the beach, or in your hotel room. Additionally, tourists may do their bit to lessen the amount of plastic they consume by bringing their reusable bags.

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