Best Waterfalls In The World To Swim
Apr 20, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Are you looking for breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls from around the world? From cascading cataracts to towering torrents, there’s no doubt that waterfalls are some of the most incredible natural wonders on Earth. Not only do they provide inspiring views, but there are many health benefits for us too!

In this post, we’ll tour six extraordinary waterfalls with awe-inspiring beauty and uncover the physical and mental well-being advantages of being near these amazing spectacles. If you're ready to explore, let's jump in and discover some of the most spectacular falls known to humanity!

Niagara Falls, Ontario, and New York - a breathtaking combination of Canadian and American natural beauty.

Niagara Falls is one of the world's most spectacular waterfalls on the border between Ontario, Canada, and New York, United States. This awe-inspiring wonder spans a width of over 3,000 feet (914 meters) and drops over 170 feet (52 meters).

The stunning combination of Canadian and American natural beauty creates a breathtaking view that will take your breath away. Whether looking for some of the world's most beautiful waterfalls or just wanting to relax and enjoy nature, Niagara Falls is sure to impress.

Niagara Falls provides substantial health benefits and is one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls. Being near the majestic falls can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

In addition, the mist from Niagara Falls is rich in minerals and can help improve skin health. Whether you're admiring it from a distance or getting up close and personal with the falls, no doubt being near Niagara Falls will leave you feeling energized and revitalized.

Angel Falls, Venezuela - the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall

Angel Falls in Venezuela is a jaw-droppingly beautiful waterfall and the highest uninterrupted one on Earth. Located in the Canaima National Park, it stands an impressive 979 meters tall with a drop of 807 meters.

Formed by the Churun River, which flows southward into the Carrao River before cascading over the cliff, it's named after an American pilot, Jimmy Angel, who happened to stumble upon it in 1933.

The thundering sound of the waters crashing into the river below is grand and mesmerizing. While visiting Angel Falls, you can enjoy spectacular views of the jungle and a rainbow-like mist created by the waterfall. The surroundings are impeccably clean and offer plenty of opportunities for swimming, camping, and bird-watching.

Angel Falls is also a great destination for those looking to benefit from the healing effects of nature. Spending time in its vicinity can help lower stress levels, improve sleeping patterns, and promote overall well-being. Furthermore, Angel Falls is known to have an energy that can bring clarity to life issues and help to boost self-esteem.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina, and Brazil - an unforgettable experience with over 275 individual cascades

The Iguazu Falls, the breathtaking natural wonder that splits Argentina and Brazil, is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. Spanning nearly 2 miles wide with over 275 individual cascades and a combined drop of 268 feet, it is an unforgettable experience for any visitor.

At the top of the falls, visitors are overwhelmed by the sheer size and power of the thundering water below. The powerful mist created by the falls is so remarkable that it can be seen from over three miles away.

The surrounding area is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including rare species like the giant anteater, tapir, and hundreds of birds. Visitors can explore the area on foot or take a guided boat tour to get up close and personal with the cascading waters.

Victoria Falls, Zambia, and Zimbabwe - a breathtaking view of this enormous curtain of water

Victoria Falls, located between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. It is known as Mosi-oa-Tunya or ‘the Smoke That Thunders’ due to its immense size and power. The fierce cascade falls from a height of 108 meters and spans an impressive 1,708 meters across the Zambezi River.

The region is surrounded by lush, green forests and dramatic gorges that make up some of the most beautiful scenery in Africa. Visiting Victoria Falls is a must for any traveler looking for an awe-inspiring adventure.

Stand on the edge of the Batoka Gorge and admire the breathtaking view of this enormous curtain of water spilling over the edge. Or, take a thrilling ride in a helicopter, giving you an even more impressive perspective of this stunning natural wonder.

The presence of this majestic waterfall has been known to positively affect mental and physical health. People who spend time in the area have reported improved mood, better sleep, and lower stress levels. Not only is Victoria Falls stunningly beautiful, but it also provides many health benefits that make it a must-visit destination worldwide.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia - a stunning series of terraced lakes connected by waterfalls.

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is one of the world's most beautiful and renowned waterfalls. This stunning set of 16 interconnected lakes, terraced over the terrain, are connected by an impressive array of cascading waterfalls that collectively span 8km.

The unique turquoise-green coloring of the waters makes it a sight to behold and provides visitors with an unforgettable visual and audio experience. The park is fed by rain and snowmelt, which makes the scenery ever-changing.

Not only does visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park offer beautiful views of nature, but it can also offer numerous health benefits. From increased oxygen intake due to the presence of waterfalls to improved mental alertness from the sound of gushing water, being near these natural spectacles is a great way to improve your overall well-being.

Havasu Falls, Arizona - an oasis in the desert complete with gorgeous blue-green waters

Havasu Falls, located in the Grand Canyon National Park of Arizona, is an incredible natural wonder. This majestic waterfall plunges nearly 100 feet off the edge of a cliff and into a pool of electric-blue water below.

This stunning aqua hue comes from high concentrations of calcium carbonate in the groundwater, creating a vibrant color when it evaporates from the cascade.

Surrounded by unique red rocks and desert landscapes, Havasu Falls is a breathtaking sight to behold. The plunge pool below is popular for swimming and soaking in the rejuvenating effects of its waters. Dipping in these natural pools can help reduce stress and promote emotional balance.


What is the best time of year to see waterfalls?

The best time of year to visit waterfalls will depend on the particular waterfall location and local climate. In general, months that experience more precipitation are more likely to have higher water levels for most falls.

Moreover, spring and early summer often see the highest water flow levels, resulting in a fuller, more powerful display from some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls.

How can I find the most beautiful waterfalls near me?

The best way to find the most beautiful waterfalls near you is to do a quick online search. Many websites have been created to share information on the world’s best waterfall locations.

Additionally, local tourism boards often have detailed information about nearby falls.

What are the best things to do at waterfalls?

At waterfalls, there are plenty of activities to enjoy! Many visitors hike or bike through the surrounding area to better view the falls. Taking pictures and videos, bird watching, and even fishing can be great ways to explore waterfall locations.


There is plenty to choose from when thinking of the world's most beautiful waterfalls. Each offers a stunningly breathtaking view from Niagara Falls to Angel Falls and Iguazu Falls to Victoria Falls. Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia and Havasu Falls in Arizona provide additional awe-inspiring sites, making it possible for every traveler to find a memorable waterfall experience.

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