Porec, Croatia Attractions And Activities
Dec 24, 2022 By Sean William

Located on the southern coast of the Istrian peninsula, the historic town of Porec is a favorite vacation spot for visitors from all over the world and the people of Croatia. This gorgeous village is a must-see on any trip to Croatia, whether you're interested in sightseeing by boat, experiencing the great outdoors, or simply relaxing on vacation. This comprehensive travel guide to Porec, Croatia, includes information on the city's most popular attractions, from its ancient sites to its pristine beaches and hidden gems. By reading, learn about the most fantastic places and other activities in Porec, Croatia!

Lim Fjord Beautiful View

Although not technically a fjord, Lim Fjord has many of the same features. A beautiful body of water that penetrates deeply into the Croatian mainland. A boat cruise or drive will get you to the palace southeast of Porec. Pack a picnic of tasty regional cuisine to enjoy with the stunning vistas. Some of the most stunning views of the Istrian peninsula can be seen from the Lim Fjord lookout, and it's hard to choose between looking down at them from above or floating in the sea below.

Plava Laguna Beach

Southern Porec is home to Plava Laguna, a bay with beaches, restaurants, a marina, as well as a diving center. The stunning blue hue of the water in this bay is reflected in the name, which means "Blue Lagoon" in its native tongue. Several beaches may be found in the bay, but the most well-known is Plava Laguna. Numerous pine trees provide enough shade for the beach, a combination of stony and stone terrain. Water activities are widespread on the beach, and there's even a kid-friendly waterpark. Somewhere at Blue Lagoon Diving Center, you may embark on day or night dive trips with certified instructors, making it one of the top diving facilities in Porec.

Cave Of Baredine

Northeast of Porec, near the little town of Medici, is where you'll find the entrance to the Baredine Cave. Since its opening in 1995, this karst cave has become one of the most visited attractions in the Istrian peninsula. During the 40-minute trip, visitors will make their way 300 meters down the cave's winding passageway. You'll descend sixty meters to a lovely subterranean lake and through the cave's five rooms.

Waterfall At Zarecki Krov

Although the Zarecki Krov waterfalls are not close to Porec, it would be a pity to miss out on seeing one of the most incredible waterfalls throughout Croatia if you are in the region. It's a beautiful waterfall as well as an excellent destination for a day of adventure on the peninsula. The waterfall drops from a ledge into a deep rocky pool. Most people who come to view the waterfall also use the opportunity to swim in the pool if there is sufficient water. Zarecki Krov and its surroundings are stunning, providing a welcome respite from the crowds of tourists and massive waterparks that are more typical of the Croatian coast's western side.

The Parenzana Route By Bicycle

The Parenzana Route connects Trieste, Italy, with Porec, Croatia, along the path of a railroad built one hundred years ago. For the outdoor enthusiast, this is one of the best things to do in Porec. The course covers a total of 125 kilometers of dirt as well as paved roads. You'll see the sights of three nations and go through tunnels, bridges, viaducts, and protected areas. If you plan on following the original path, which goes via Slovenia as well as Italy, you will need a valid passport.

Porec Old Town

A walk around Porec's historic district is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the city's past. Located on a narrow peninsula, the area has been inhabited for centuries. As you take in the breathtaking vistas of the Adriatic Sea, you can also take in the numerous historical and cultural monuments that are a tribute to this charming town. The Euphrasian Basilica Episcopal Complex is this beautiful city's most significant historical site. It was built in the 6th century yet still stands as a stunning example of Byzantine stonework and mosaic art.

Visit Damjanic Winery

Damjanic winery has a history stretching back to the early 18th century. Ever since they've established themselves as one of the most illustrious names in Istrian viniculture, the winery may be reached in approximately fifteen minutes by car and is situated to the southeast of Porec. If you're looking for a spot in Porec to indulge in some hedonism, go no further; this wine bar is among the greatest in all of Istria. Excellent olive oil is also produced there, making this an ideal time to stock up on regional specialties.


Porec, Croatia, is a sleepy seaside town on Istria's western shore. Dating back to Roman times, the town has a rich history. The ancient city center maintains its original Roman street plan, which is symmetrical and divided into the east-west Decumanus Maximus and even the north-south Cardo Maximus (stretching from north to south).

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